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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

About Octopi?

You know what I think about octopi?

In truth, the bottom used to say "he is tasty", but I changed it because I didn't like that. It did used to say "This Is Stanley", however, though I did change the font to match the new words. Thanks to http://media.photobucket.com/image/weirdest%20thing%20ever/pokeracc/MotivationalPoster10.jpg!

In all truthfulness, I almost didn't blog today. I had a whole thing set up saying I wasn't going to blog on this blog today, and I was just going to post a picture instead. I have been blogging for about 5 hours straight now, so I was about done. But then I found the picture of Stanley (after googling 'weirdest thing ever' and looked in the image section) and figured, since it is Wednesday, and I decided to start posting animals on Wednesday, I would just blog. I feel like blogging now, so it's all good in the hood.

So, an octopus is a wonderful creature. It's got extra tentacles for added awesome, and ink comes out when it's afraid. Tickle a mini octopus, and you can write with it! How cool is that?!

I don't understand why some people don't like octopi (ahem, cal), because I have no problem with them. They are pretty cool animals, and they are very interesting (except for that mutated Cthulu... I have problems with Cthulu).

Ice Bear approves, so bleh!


  1. OMG..they got to you too. I had hoped you were smart enough not to be fooled. One minute they are exposing their bellies to the sun for a quick scratch and before you know it you are are a snack pack. Read other post on my blog about all the trouble octopi make at aquariums or how they can completing camoflage themselves so you can't see them attack you till its too late. They even beat up sharks...SHARKS! They are evil and they gossip about you behind your back. Don't be fooled. Get educated or you next trip to the beach or the tub might be your last.

  2. Wings..so you raised an Octopus lover. I can't help but shake my head in disappointment. She is young but both you and Aquaman know better.

  3. Oh, thanks, Cal! Turn me against my octopus brethren. Are you talking about octopi or puppies that are evil and are teenage girls with twirlable 'staches (belly scratches, gossiping, evil, beat up sharks)? I will have to read that blog. Mind sending me the link?

  4. I have nominated you for the Outstanding Blog Award


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