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Saturday, April 18, 2009

About Heath Ledger?

You know what I think about Heath Ledger?

I thought he was a fabulous actor. His job was to make people smile or see the bright side of things, to entertain people and make them feel, and he succeeded. When he died, we lost someone of great worth in our community. Heath Ledger supplied interesting topics and controversial work that everyone could say something great about, whether it was "That movie made me cry," "That movie made me laugh," or even "That movie made me feel."

He supplied us with some Australian beauty that anyone could enjoy, male or female, young or old. Whether you look at him as a talented actor, a heartthrob, or just there, you know who he is. He's Heath Ledger. Everyone knows his face, his work, and his extreme talent. Heath was someone who was admirable, and superior, and downright exceptional. We treasure all his work, and an aspiring actress such as myself looks up to him as an example to follow.

Heath Andrew Ledger was someone we should all put on a pedestal and say, "That is what we should be like. That is how we should act. We should be positive, and follow our dreams, and do what WE want to do." Heath was the example we needed of a perfect actor, and we took him for granted. We lost him, and we lost someone valuable.

Right now, after you finish this blog, all of you should go watch one of his movies. I know I am.


  1. I am gonna have a coffee. Good post, though. :)

  2. I guess his addiction to prescription medications is soon forgotten? You are right though, very talented man gone way too soon.

  3. Not an addiction!
    He had three prescriptions at once, the normal dose, that he did not know would make a bad combination.
    Addictions had nothing to do with this!!!

  4. That mistake he made with the prescriptions is being increasingly common. Don't pick on Heath for a mistake many are making.

  5. *becoming increasignly common.

  6. **becoming increasingly common.


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