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Monday, April 27, 2009

About The Show, "The Big Bang Theory"?

You know what I think about the show, The Big Bang Theory?

I am watching The Big Bang Theory right now. I think this show is extremely funny. I prefer this show over many other lame comedies on the air right now. The show after it, How I Met Your Mother, is also funny, but I prefer this show to How I Met Your Mother.

Right now, I am watching the episode where Leonard, Wolowitz, and Raj go to Las Vegas to cheer Wolowitz up, after Leslie Winkle, his friend with benefits, breaks it off with him. Meanwhile, Sheldon stays at Penny's house, since he forgot his keys. It's hysterically funny.
Okay, so, all and all, a very funny show, and I definitely recommend it.


  1. I love it, too. Sheldon is the funniest, but they are a great cast all together. Great show.

  2. I agree sheldon is 1 of the funniest but pria was sort of funny too!

  3. every night I watch the big bang theory and america got talent but usually I watch the big bang theory!

  4. I watch new episodes every night!

  5. it was funny when wolowits,roj,leonerd,and sheldon all dressed up as the flash!


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