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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

About Milk?

You know what I think about milk?
I love milk!
Let's give you the history of milk.
There was once a very curious farmer. He went out to one of his cows one day, and examined it. He, once again, noticed his udders. He did not know what these things did, but had always considered it to be the cow's "private parts." Today, however, the farmer was feeling particularly curious, and he pulled the cow's udders. To his astonishment, liquid came out! Why not drink this, he thought, just for the heck of it? And so, the farmer drank the liquid that came out from under a cow, thus discovering MILK!
Interesting, huh? Who knows what else we will find in the private parts of animals?
I'd rather not think about that.
Well, I thought about milk when I saw the new Wolverine "Got Milk?" poster. I'm starting a petition to put this poster up at my school. I mean, we have Tom Brady, the All-American Rejects, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus drinking milk already in our cafeteria. I thought, Why not add one more, and this one more is soooo much better than them? Thus, my petition was born.
So the next time you drink milk, remember me, Wolverine, and that brave, brave farmer that dared anger a cow just to get it's milk.


  1. Hehe, that comment was mine. ^
    and so was this one!

  2. The poster is cool. You cow comments are... unsettling.


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