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Monday, April 27, 2009

About The Show, "The Big Bang Theory"?

You know what I think about the show, The Big Bang Theory?

I am watching The Big Bang Theory right now. I think this show is extremely funny. I prefer this show over many other lame comedies on the air right now. The show after it, How I Met Your Mother, is also funny, but I prefer this show to How I Met Your Mother.

Right now, I am watching the episode where Leonard, Wolowitz, and Raj go to Las Vegas to cheer Wolowitz up, after Leslie Winkle, his friend with benefits, breaks it off with him. Meanwhile, Sheldon stays at Penny's house, since he forgot his keys. It's hysterically funny.
Okay, so, all and all, a very funny show, and I definitely recommend it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

About Heath Ledger?

You know what I think about Heath Ledger?

I thought he was a fabulous actor. His job was to make people smile or see the bright side of things, to entertain people and make them feel, and he succeeded. When he died, we lost someone of great worth in our community. Heath Ledger supplied interesting topics and controversial work that everyone could say something great about, whether it was "That movie made me cry," "That movie made me laugh," or even "That movie made me feel."

He supplied us with some Australian beauty that anyone could enjoy, male or female, young or old. Whether you look at him as a talented actor, a heartthrob, or just there, you know who he is. He's Heath Ledger. Everyone knows his face, his work, and his extreme talent. Heath was someone who was admirable, and superior, and downright exceptional. We treasure all his work, and an aspiring actress such as myself looks up to him as an example to follow.

Heath Andrew Ledger was someone we should all put on a pedestal and say, "That is what we should be like. That is how we should act. We should be positive, and follow our dreams, and do what WE want to do." Heath was the example we needed of a perfect actor, and we took him for granted. We lost him, and we lost someone valuable.

Right now, after you finish this blog, all of you should go watch one of his movies. I know I am.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

About Milk?

You know what I think about milk?
I love milk!
Let's give you the history of milk.
There was once a very curious farmer. He went out to one of his cows one day, and examined it. He, once again, noticed his udders. He did not know what these things did, but had always considered it to be the cow's "private parts." Today, however, the farmer was feeling particularly curious, and he pulled the cow's udders. To his astonishment, liquid came out! Why not drink this, he thought, just for the heck of it? And so, the farmer drank the liquid that came out from under a cow, thus discovering MILK!
Interesting, huh? Who knows what else we will find in the private parts of animals?
I'd rather not think about that.
Well, I thought about milk when I saw the new Wolverine "Got Milk?" poster. I'm starting a petition to put this poster up at my school. I mean, we have Tom Brady, the All-American Rejects, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus drinking milk already in our cafeteria. I thought, Why not add one more, and this one more is soooo much better than them? Thus, my petition was born.
So the next time you drink milk, remember me, Wolverine, and that brave, brave farmer that dared anger a cow just to get it's milk.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

About Suspenders?

You know what I think about suspenders?

I love them! I love my suspenders! Even though I'm a girl, I love suspenders! I first got suspenders for a role in a play I was in. It was wonderful! I played a dude, but I got to keep the suspenders, and I'm wearing them now!

I adore suspenders!

They make every outfit a little more interesting and every costume a little more funky!

^^^^^^ In picture A, we see totally fantabulous suspenders. Picture B shows that some suspenders can even look spicy on the right people in this day. >>>>>
I certainly don't look spicy in suspenders.

So, in conclusion;
suspenders = spicy
no suspenders = not spicy.

End of story.

Monday, April 13, 2009

About The Movie "Monsters vs. Aliens"?

I thought Monsters vs. Aliens was a pretty good, pretty funny movie for a kids' movie.
It had it's moments.
I especially liked the character BOB. He is likeable and fun, and very funny.
I enjoyed the randomness, the funniness, but I very much liked the fact that the movie had a decent plot. You don't get too many of those.
The monsters in this movie were very much like superheroes.
The girl was extremely tall and strong, so very much like a Giant Size X-Man.
BOB was like a genetic mutation.
The Dr. Cockroach thing was obviously The Fly.
Who else....
The, umm, water monster thing? I think that was the Missing Link? Yeah, he swam alot. I'll compare him to Aquaman.
Very good 3D, might I add. It was that new Real-D thing, so it was very cool.
So, all in all, a likeable movie, spectacular 3D.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

About The Easter Bunny?

You know what I think about the Easter Bunny?

I think he is confused.

This bunny is usually shown as wearing an outfit. What bunnies wear outfits?

He talks, and breaks into people's houses.

He is a boy, yet he lays eggs.

So either he is an egg-laying boy, or the eggs are just... you know... bunny poo. Both are creepy.

Shown is a picture of the Easter Bunny the first time he tried leaving eggs in peoples' houses. It was a dare, he was drunk... things got out of hand. Instead of sending the rabid rabbit to jail, the judge ruled that Easter W. Bunny (W. standing for Winston... don't laugh, he hates it as much as his first name) would do this every year, as community service. Sober. That'll show him.

Now, children around the world have waited all year to receive candy and toys and little eggs from the Easter Bunny. But do they know where the eggs come from? Eggs come from the Easter Bunny's behind (not wanting to be using rude terms). Interesting, huh?
Next time you're bored, think about the Easter Bunny, and wonder about how these eggs are actually made.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

About Blogs?

You know what I think about blogs?
I think blogs are an excellent way of expressing how people feel.
Some people have things trapped in their heads, and no one will listen.
Some people have great ideas, but no one will pay attention.
Some people have interests, and things to say, and want to get it out there.
These people are called bloggers.
Bloggers are important to this world. They include their thoughts and jokes, comments and opinions. The world reads their blogs, and jump to their feet, shouting in recognition and wonder at what people think. What people know.
People with blogs aren't dorks or friendlessies. They are important people, more vital to our society then you could know.
So start a blog. Go ahead. Get your thoughts out there. You might like it.
And comment. Give me something to think about.
And start your blogging!